SOBCon focuses on Accessibility for the February Chat

SOBCon, where the virtual meets concrete, is a community of people that is adept at working together to generate success.  I am so grateful to be a part of this community and to be a moderator on the monthly SOBCon chat.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to attend several live SOBCon events (I highly recommend it and if you’re interested, you can see coming events at  At one of those events, I met a very insightful accessibility professional, Glenda Watson Hyatt.

Glenda is committed to accessibility for companies small and large.  She offers insights, compliance recommendations and tips to make websites more accessible.  This includes blogs just like this one…after the chat, I will do my KIS (Keep It Simple) Series post on Friday using Glenda’s tips.  It is critical to think of all of the connections you could be missing if you aren’t working towards an accessible world.  I am very happy that Glenda agreed to be our special guest on the chat, she has information to share with us that can change the way we see our engagements.  She has opened my eyes to ways that accessibility is overlooked and how some simple changes can make a big difference to so many people.

We hope that you will join us on the #SOBCon chat February 16th at 1pm ET as Glenda works with us to answer the questions below and if you have additional questions after the chat, please contact her directly on twitter, she’s @GlendaWH.

1.  What is the number one accessibility issue?

2.  Is it really important to make your website/blog more accessible and why?

3.  What steps can companies take to make websites more accessible?

4.  How can we make our blogs more accessible?

5.  What resources can we use to make our websites/blogs more accessible?


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