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Networking Yourself Into Business – SOBCon 8/16 Chat

Networking is necessary to have a successful business.  Connections are essential and sometimes we need to leverage those connections.  For some, this doesn’t “feel good.”  It seems too much like “selling” and many don’t want to be in sales.  Although … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Going Mobile – SOBCon Monthly Chat

Some people think that “mobile” is the wave of the future…that in three years we will be using our phones as our primary way to access the internet.  I use it that way now and so does just about everyone … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple – Using Storify to Create a TweetChat Transcript

This week’s Keep It Simple Post is to offer tips on using Storify to create a tweetchat transcript. 7 tips to generate a transcript quickly and easily using Storify. Continue reading

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Keep It Simple – An Easy Reminder to Connect

This week there is just one Keep It Simple tip…stop and look around. Seize the opportunity to simply look and notice…the things you should see will jump out at you, but also notice what’s missing. Is there someone you connected with frequently, but haven’t “seen” in awhile? Take a minute, reach out and touch base and connect. Continue reading

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Keep It Simple: 3 Tips to Increase Accessibility on Your Blog or Website

Think about this: Adults w/ disabilities spend two times as much time online as those w/o disabilities. Are they spending that time with you? People with disabilities are 18% of US pop with $175 billion in discretionary spending power. Can you ignore that? I wouldn’t, which is why these 3 tips can help and the additional resources listed can make a difference. Continue reading

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Keep It Simple: 5 Tips for Participating in Tweetchats

The Keep It Simple Series offers a few simple social mediatips to help others as they participate in social media…and sometimes they even serveas a reminder to myself.  These 5 tips are specifically for when you are participating in tweetchats, … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and Leveraging it for Your Business

For this month’s SOBCon chat we will have a special guest – author and entrepreneur, Jonathan Fields.  Jonathan’s latest book came out this fall and is titled, “Uncertainty – Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance.”  We are going … Continue reading

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