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Keep It Simple – Customer Service in 3 Easy Steps

I hope your Friday amazing and that you are working hard enough to enjoy it, but not too hard.  I also hope that you take a moment to be grateful for your customers and that you reflect on how you … Continue reading

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The Past 2 Months Have Been Nightmarish

The Chief doctor walked into my aunt’s room with his team in tow. He said, “There’s no hope.” and “her prognosis is horrible.” I wanted to scream (I was screaming inside), but instead I asked all of the questions that I could…looking for a shred of the hope that he said didn’t exist. Continue reading

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Grateful for Independence Day

It is something we celebrate happily, but something that should never be taken for granted.  Celebrate your freedoms, but never abuse them.  Remember always that so many sacrificed so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have in the United … Continue reading

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Cat needs help July 3 2011

Please read his story. He now has ringworm and desperately needs a foster home for a few months.  They want him taken out of Indy Humane today (Sunday, July 3rd)  Food, supplies, and medical care will be provided.  Ringworm is … Continue reading

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