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Do you do the right thing or try to avoid?

There’s nothing I can do…it’s none of my business…it’s not my place, it doesn’t involve me… It’s true that there are some situations where those lines apply.  Most of the time, however, they are a cop out.  It’s an excuse, … Continue reading

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Don’t we all need an emergency slide and a couple of beers sometimes

Sometimes you get stressed and maybe you vent a little to your friends or you have a glass of wine after work.  Maybe you hit the gym or hit the road to relieve some of the stress, but what if … Continue reading

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5 reasons I will not follow/follow back

1.  All of their tweets are the same, same info, same links, even if it is a different person the tweet is addressed to.  For example: @Bob you have to see these great whatevers at this link @Jill you have … Continue reading

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The Curse is the Blessing (in Life and in Social Media)

Sometimes the curse is the blessing. It has really allowed me to be grounded in the knowledge that, “The path you are on is taking you where you are supposed to go.” Continue reading

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