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And the Hits Keep Comin’

The third and final part of my blog therapy about this horrific summer…as I type that, however, I realize that even though the summer has been rough, there are people who have it a lot worse.  And even when it … Continue reading

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Women in Social Media – Supporting Others

When Margie Clayman asked if I was interested in writing a Women in Social Media post as part of a special 7-Part Exploration, I jumped at the chance.  I enjoy supporting my friends and their efforts, their ideas, and their … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – The most special gift…Friendship

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers, but sometimes it is just a holiday for love. The most special gift I ever received for Valentine’s Day was the gift of love and friendship. It wasn’t wrapped in red paper, it didn’t come in a heart-shaped box, it wasn’t expensive or glamorous, but it was a hugely thoughtful gift that I will never forget. Continue reading

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Girl with CF needs a double lung transplant – let’s help

She’s only 19 years old (her birthday was yesterday). And she was basically given a death sentence. She has 2-3 months to live unless she can get a double lung transplant. The transplant can cost $500,000 and they have to pay for it up front. They need our help and I am going to do everything I can to help them.
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Are you selling? Because maybe I’m buying…

How are you supporting your friends? Do you know what type of support they need? Do they know what type of support you need? Continue reading

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Getting back to who I am…thank you twitter

How awesome would the world be if we treated each other as the “little person” that lives inside of each one of us? No baggage…amazing. Continue reading

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