Networking Yourself Into Business – SOBCon 8/16 Chat

Networking is necessary to have a successful business.  Connections are essential and sometimes we need to leverage those connections.  For some, this doesn’t “feel good.”  It seems too much like “selling” and many don’t want to be in sales.  Although “sell” is technically a 4-letter word, it doesn’t need to feel that way.

August 16th on our SOBCon Chat we will be discussing networking with Thomas Mangum.  Thomas is a Connector and a Master Networker.  He is a certified Book Yourself Solid Coach and recently developed an online Networking Course with   He is an expert at leveraging collaboration and power of connection.  His motto is, “Skip the small talk and move directly to the “Large Talk” where the conversation really starts.”

During the SOBCon chat, we will be discussing keys to successful networking, creating rapport and building trust with your audience.   We hope you will join us at 1pm ET on August 16th.  You can follow and participate on twitter using the hashtag #SOBCon, use or any other “twitter” application you prefer.

Q1. Should you be networking in a targeted way?  If yes, how?

Q2. How should people find “networking” groups?

Q3. How do you build trust with the people you are networking with?

Q4. What can you do to create rapport? (Especially in a large networking event.)

Q5. What are some best practices to keep track of those that you’ve networked with?

Bonus question, time permitting.

Q6.  Are there networking tools you would recommend?

If you’d like to learn more about SOBCon or Thomas, please feel free to click on the respective embedded links.


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