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Positively Social – How are You Spinning It?

The 12-year old said that, “the haters are motivators.” What if we all took his approach to be more determined to do the right thing in a positive way? Imagine the possibilities.

Join in #PositivelySocial today by using the hashtag to note those things that you see that are “Positively Social.” I am excited to see how we can talk about things in a more civil and understanding manner…even when we don’t agree. Continue reading

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It’s Simple, You Can’t Be Smarter in the Past

“We cannot be smarter in the PAST. We cannot change the choices we made there. We can only do better going forward.” Think about this as you are making choices today. Continue reading

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12 Lessons I Never Expected to Learn

I didn’t know that a little dog could teach me such big lessons about life, but he did and I’m so very grateful he was mine. We had 5,089 days together…although that sounds like a lot…it wasn’t enough. So he had plenty of time to teach me about life. I don’t know how he knew so much…I guess you could say that he was wise beyond his years. Continue reading

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Uncertainty and Leveraging it for Your Business

For this month’s SOBCon chat we will have a special guest – author and entrepreneur, Jonathan Fields.  Jonathan’s latest book came out this fall and is titled, “Uncertainty – Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance.”  We are going … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple: Say Thank You

For this Friday’s Keep It Simple Post, it’s super simple – say Thank You. Be grateful to people and they will be grateful to you. How nice is life when we live like that? Today, I am sharing a very … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple – The Equation for Social Media Success

The Friday, Keep It Simple Series, goes super simple this week as I share the equation for social media success. Continue reading

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And the Hits Keep Comin’

The third and final part of my blog therapy about this horrific summer…as I type that, however, I realize that even though the summer has been rough, there are people who have it a lot worse.  And even when it … Continue reading

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The Saga Continues…

I honestly hope after my post next week, that all of my blogging therapy will be finished.  As I mentioned last week, these last two months have been nightmarish.  Some will sympathize more than others because this part involves my … Continue reading

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The Past 2 Months Have Been Nightmarish

The Chief doctor walked into my aunt’s room with his team in tow. He said, “There’s no hope.” and “her prognosis is horrible.” I wanted to scream (I was screaming inside), but instead I asked all of the questions that I could…looking for a shred of the hope that he said didn’t exist. Continue reading

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