Keep It Simple: 5 Tips for Participating in Tweetchats

The Keep It Simple Series offers a few simple social mediatips to help others as they participate in social media…and sometimes they even serveas a reminder to myself.  These 5 tips are specifically for when you are participating in tweetchats, but some can be applied to social media in general.

  1. Check out the Twitter chat schedule to find chats you might find interesting.
  2. Use a platform to participate in the chat.  I recommend using TweetChat or TweetGrid
  3. When chatting, if you are just using twitter and not a platform, then don’t forget to include the hashtag in your tweets (that’s why I have to use TweetChat or TweetGrid).
  4. Refer to the question you are answering by using A1, A2, etc.
  5. Keep your tweets short enough to be retweeted – in otherwords short enough so that when someone retweets there are enough characters remaining for your username and the hashtag…chats move quickly and it is really difficult for people to adjust the tweet so that they can retweet it.

Happy Friday, I hope these tips help you and hope to see you on a chat sometime soon.  You can usually find me on #LeadershipChat at 8pm ET and #CustServ chat at 9pm ET on Tuesdays, #BrandChat at 11am ET and #SMChat at 1pm ET on Wednesdays and #Kaizenblog chat at 12pm ET on Fridays.


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Entrepreneurial Marketing Professional who is passionate about Social Media and Social Good. My mantra is "endless possibilities."
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