Keep It Simple: Say Thank You

For this Friday’s Keep It Simple Post, it’s super simple – say Thank You. Be grateful to people and they will be grateful to you. How nice is life when we live like that?

Today, I am sharing a very special thank you…to our Veteran’s, their families and friends. I am so grateful for all that you sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy. I am especially grateful for my little (he prefers me to say younger because he’s bigger than me) brother. We are so very proud of you and are relieved that you are stateside. We continue to think of your peers that are still deployed. We think of their families and friends and all that they endure during deployments. We are grateful to them and pray for their safety.

On this 11th day of the 11th month, I was curious how we came to celebrate this particular day…here’s the history…and now I also know why we say the 11th hour. Thank you so much Veterans. Words seem to be inadequate to express my gratitude. Please know we think of you every day and we so appreciate you.


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