SOBCon October Chat with Connie Burke and Mark Horvath

Making a difference one mile at a time

The SOBCon “fabric” has a “thread” of giving woven throughout.  We think about how we can positively impact people and businesses, then we connect that to keys to success.  The October chat will focus on the giving back feature of the live SOBCon Conferences.  From what happens during the conference, to how it plays out afterwards.  We will share some ideas about how you can get involved, start a giving back aspect to your business and how giving back stimulates the bottom line and contributes to the success of your business.
During each SOBCon conference, we take some time to give back as a group.  Usually, there are a few charities or initiatives involved that we put the SOBCon brainpower behind.  We may brainstorm ideas, make recommendations, provide guidelines or a number of other things that a charity may need.  Additionally, we try to add support beyond the conference.  Some get very hands on and work directly with/for a cause, others just continue to shine a light on it by sharing via social media, mentioning on blogs and reminding us of the importance of the cause.
Today’s SOBCon chat will focus on the following questions:
Q1. How do you choose what causes to get involved with from a personal and business perspective?
Q2. What is the best way for a business to start giving back?
Q3. What is the best way to capitalize on giving? (Get the most bang for your buck)
Q4. How does giving back contribute to the success of your business?
We are really fortunate to have special guests Connie Burke of General Motors and Mark Horvath of – who were the keys to the biggest SOBCon surprise ever when General Motors provided Mark with a GMC Terrain to use as his mobile office as he traveled the country making a difference for the homeless.  Actually, I should say, travel the continent because Mark has also been doing great things in Canada.

We hope you can join us at 1pm ET for the SOBCon Chat.


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