SOBCon Chat Special Guest AJ Leon & SOBCon Northwest Preview

As you start to plan a new venture or develop a new plan to continue on in an old one, there are many things to consider.  One thing is for certain, when planning for success, it is advantageous to rely on your networks for insight and information – there is so much information beyond what each of us store in our brains.  Yet, when we share information with each other…the sum of our knowledge and experience is incredible.  This is one of the greatest gifts I have received from the SOBCon group – both via social media and live conferences.

For today’s SOBCon chat, we are going to tap into planning knowledge and experience of AJ Leon.  We are also going to give a brief preview of what you can expect from him at SOBCon Northwest and what you can expect at SOBCon Northwest in general.

Q1.  What are the 1st steps you would recommend when planning  a new venture?

Q2.  What steps would be different when developing a new plan for an old venture?

Q3.  Are there tools you would recommend using for developing your plan?

Q4.  SOBCon Northwest question – What is “experiential philanthropy”?  How does this impact venture in the planning phase?

Q5.  BONUS – What can attendees expect from SOBCon Northwest?

SOBCon is a great opportunity to learn and share with others.  Today’s chat is not just for people who have attended or even plan to attend a SOBCon event, there will be something in it for everyone.  Hope to see you at 1pm ET along with our special guest and SOBCon presenter, AJ Leon.


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