Keep It Simple – Customer Service in 3 Easy Steps

I hope your Friday amazing and that you are working hard enough to enjoy it, but not too hard.  I also hope that you take a moment to be grateful for your customers and that you reflect on how you can better serve them by considering these three easy steps:

  1. Listen to their concern (do not assume you know what it is and try to solve their problem before you’ve heard them out).
  2. Consider all viable options.  Ask yourself, which option will make them the most satisfied.  Try to focus on a win-win solution – beneficial to the company and to the customer.
  3. Offer the option that appears to be the best fit.  If this option does not satisfy your customer, offer them another solution.  Repeat the process until the customer is happy.

The general rule of thumb is that it costs less to keep a customer than to get a new one.  Remember that and focus on not only keeping your customers, but keeping them happy.  Most businesses are in business because they solve a problem for their customer, it’s important to remember not to create a new problem in the process.

Hope you find these tips helpful.  Remember to Keep It Simple…see you next Friday.


About amberlcleveland

Entrepreneurial Marketing Professional who is passionate about Social Media and Social Good. My mantra is "endless possibilities."
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