Cat needs help July 3 2011

Please read his story. He now has ringworm and desperately needs a foster home for a few months.  They want him taken out of Indy Humane today (Sunday, July 3rd)  Food, supplies, and medical care will be provided.  Ringworm is contagious, but it is a fungus not worms.  With careful handling and isolation, you can save this cat, without too much trouble to you.   He needs help.  We need more time to find him a permanent home, but have to have someone take him in short-term until he is cleared.

There is a miracle cat that needs a home…does he belong with you? I know that there is someone who needs this cat. There is a reason that he has had not only 1, but 2 MIRACLES. He is a gorgeous tuxedo cat (I’ll get a picture to share) He is declawed and neutered, which is part of his 1st miracle. He got out of his home on accident and could not be found. Living in the country, being outside without food, protection or companionship…for 45 days (no typo 45 Days) scared and alone. Somehow he made it home. Unfortunately, due to some extenuating circumstances, he was surrendered to Animal Care and Control approximately a month ago. When I found out that he had been surrendered, I mistakenly thought he was at the Humane Society. When I contacted them, they informed me he wasn’t there, but they could help me if I figured out where he was. When I heard that he was at Animal Control, I was certain his fate had been sealed weeks ago. However, when an angel at the Indianapolis Humane Society inquired, he was still there! This guy alone again…BUT STILL HERE. He is here for a reason. I am certain of that. Are you that reason? If not, it’s ok because the person he is meant for will know. Let me know if it is you.


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