Keep It Simple – Being “Good” on Good Friday and Everyday

Seems appropriate to share a photo of a lamb on Good Friday. Isn't he adorable?

Many people are celebrating Good Friday today and to many others it is just another Friday.  For me, it is a day to take a moment to think about what it means to be “good.”

Since this series focuses on Social Media, I’ll go over 5 simple ways to be good to one another using Social Media.

1. Be supportive. If someone asks you to RT something (and they don’t abuse asking), then RT for them. If someone says they are having a hard time, offer some words of compassion. I have developed friendships because I simply say, “Let me know if there is anything I can do.” I am sincere when I ask and it lets people know they are not alone.

2. Help someone. Like a page, follow someone new, share, share, share…it’s easy to do. If you come across a post that would help people, share it.

3. Be the change. Practice what you preach. Lead by example. – Any one of these can provide guidance for life on- and off- line.

4. Provide an opportunity. Margie Clayman did just that for me when she asked me to create a blog post for a series she was doing…she has inspired me…there will be an opportunity on this blog coming soon. Offer someone the chance to guest post on your blog, moderate a chat or __________fill in the blank, be creative.

5. Spotlight. Shine some attention on a cause or a friend that is near and dear to you. If I see someone saying something nice about someone else, I’m usually going to take a look to see why they are so great. I’ve never been disappointed. I hope people feel the same about the people and causes I mention.

I hope this Friday and everyday, you are good to others and you are good to yourself. Enjoy your weekend and remember to Keep It Simple.


About amberlcleveland

Entrepreneurial Marketing Professional who is passionate about Social Media and Social Good. My mantra is "endless possibilities."
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4 Responses to Keep It Simple – Being “Good” on Good Friday and Everyday

  1. Scott says:

    EVERYDAY! (Good stuff.)

  2. Mayur Milan says:

    Just like you said.. Share…
    Did so about this post on our page…

    Thanks for those beautiful words.

  3. I didn’t really offer you an opportunity. I asked you a question and you answered brilliantly 🙂

    You rock. Always. Happy Easter!

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