Women in Social Media – Supporting Others

When Margie Clayman asked if I was interested in writing a Women in Social Media post as part of a special 7-Part Exploration, I jumped at the chance.  I enjoy supporting my friends and their efforts, their ideas, and their dreams.  I’m not the only woman who feels this way and it isn’t only WOMEN who feel this way.  Although, I feel that women being supportive in Social Media and life in general is a bit more intuitive than it is for men.  Our maternal instincts are a natural fit for developing and maintaining relationships in Social Media, obviously those relationships are not only with other women, but with men as well.  Women don’t just support other women, they support other people.  I like to think that the reason this happens is because we recognize the greater good and the potential for making a greater impact.

Women realize that in order for us to do better, for our communities to do better, we must support women and men alike.  Sometimes it may appear that in saying we support other women, someone could mistake that for saying we do not support the men in our communities, but this is not the case.  An example that illustrates this is:  the way that CARE has focused their efforts on empowering women and girls because they have determined that “women have the power to help whole families and entire communities.”  (If you are not familiar with CARE, you should take a look at what they are doing.  It’s great stuff!)  CARE has focused on solving issues for women and girls in impoverished nations.  They did not do this to exclude men, but rather because they have seen the ripple effect of empowering women in communities.  The results are that entire communities are lifted-up, positive changes result, and focus is on how to make things better for everyone in the community.  CARE’s mission includes the following:

  • Strengthening capacity for self-help
  • Providing economic opportunity
  • Delivering relief in emergencies
  • Influencing policy decisions at all levels
  • Addressing discrimination in all its forms

I think that this list includes many of the same items we address via Social Media on a daily basis.  As a woman, I address the items that will achieve the greater good for my “community” and will effect positive change for everyone.  I know it’s sounds bit idealistic, but I think we could all use a good dose of idealism.

As a side note, whether I am retweeting, “liking,” or sharing posts/information, I share what I believe to be relevant or helpful, regardless of whether the source is a man or a woman.  I am friends with the people I have met via Social Media, not because they are a guy or a girl, but because I wanted to be friends with them.  I support the people who support me or who I can see supporting others because that is how I think we will be able to have a greater impact.

Women and men are capable of great things, the key is coming together/supporting each other.  When we come together, we can achieve more and we can achieve it faster.  It is critical to support each other, it benefits everyone.  I think that many women and men are doing a great job at this, but some others need a little nudge.  If you think you’re doing a great job at supporting others, try to step it up one more notch…you never know what a little stretch might allow you to reach.  If you know someone who needs a little nudge, nudge them…you never know what kind of ripple that little action can create.


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8 Responses to Women in Social Media – Supporting Others

  1. You raise a very interesting series of points here. I see a lot of men who support each other in the online world, but I think when women see men supporting each other we kind of get that feeling, “oh, it’s an all-boys network.” When women support each other, it’s because we need to stick together. Perhaps there is a touch of unfair bias there.

    I think it benefits everyone, regardless of the situation, to support and care for others. You can find a host of sayings about this, but my favorite is “We are only as strong as the weakest link.” If your weakest link is kicking butt, you’re in pretty good shape! 🙂

    Thanks for this great contribution!

    • Margie,

      I can’t thank you enough for asking me to take part in your series. I definitely have seen men supporting other men, but I don’t only see them support other men. I see them support other people. A few men instantly come to mind: Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Phil Gerbyshak, Scott Stratten, Ian Gertler, Lou Imbriano, Kneale Mann and Olivier Blanchard…I could go on, but I think the more important thing is that, as I mentioned to Daria, we are breaking down barriers. We have the opportunity to change our mindset. We can stick together as humans instead of as men, women, white, black, Christians, Atheists…we focus on the common bond instead of the differences.

      You were correct when you said that it benefits everyone to support and care for others…I know that’s what you do every day. Thanks for being in support of me my friend.

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  3. Daria says:

    I agree that the community I’ve encountered with Social Media is amazing and a ton of fun to be a part of something this supportive. It isn’t limited to women, but they have been the primary readers and supporters of me for sure. I love the feeling of working together to build each other up and to make the world (even if it’s just a tiny smidgeon of it via social media) a better place.

    It’s fun! And very positive too.

    • Daria,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I definitely have had a lot of support from other women, and have been fortunate enough to also get support from men. I have felt the same camaraderie that you mentioned, where we do build each other up, and I think make the world a much better place. I feel that social media has provided a forum to break down so many barriers and it is great to take part in tearing them down so that we can build something new together.

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