An Ounce of Prevention – Creating a Customer’s Dream

As a customer, the number one thing that I want when I have a problem is resolution.  I prefer to get the resolution quickly and pleasantly, but the most important thing is to get the problem resolved.  I appreciate companies who can predict what my problems might be (although if they are really good at that, couldn’t they just eliminate them altogether…that is for another post) and figure out the best way to solve them BEFORE I pick up the phone, send a tweet or an email.

We are going to address the questions below about how companies create a Customer’s Dream…throughout the entire customer lifecycle from a Customer Service perspective.  As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  If we try to determine the best way to serve our customers, we can prevent many of the service questions that arise.

Questions for the #SMChat on 4/13 at 1pm PT

  1. What are the most important steps to creating brand/product/service awareness in prospects?
  2. How do you provide the best customer service during the purchasing process?
  3. If customers have a concern that they “voice” using social media, what is the best way to address the situation?
  4. How can companies take their customer service to the next level using social media?

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1 Response to An Ounce of Prevention – Creating a Customer’s Dream

  1. sourcepov says:

    Outstanding post Amber, and a great frame for today’s #smchat 1pET. So many assume a reactive mindset to Customer Service – and to be fair, given the demands, there’s much reacting to be done – but taking a proactive view to solve customer problems is best for everyone.

    “Proactive” saves money and delights the customer. “We just solved a problem you were about to have.” Can’t do much better than that.

    I hope to join in today’s conversation. Would love to capture and discuss key takeaways here, on your blog. Great insights ahead, I’m certain.


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