Keep It Simple Friday Series-Are You A Spammer?

”Keep It Simple” series posts on Fridays provide simple social media tips.

Today I’ll share a few questions that you should answer to determine if you are a spammer.  Don’t stop reading because you think you aren’t a spammer.  Some people are accidental spammers (at least I hope it’s accidental).  There are 3 questions to ask and if you answer yes to any of them…you might be a spammer (possibly unintentionally).

  1. Are you opportunistic in your sharing?  (Do you participate in tweetchats just to provide links to your content?  Do you write posts with titles relating to current events like Char…you know who or Tsu….? – I intentionally didn’t include the terms because I think it is a sketchy thing to do.)
  2. Look at your tweetstream.  Are you retweeting?  If you are only retweeting tweets that include your name, it doesn’t count.
  3. Are you just being a “megaphone” (do you only broadcast, not engage)?

I hope that if you are reading this post, you are able to answer all of the questions with a resounding no.  If you did answer yes, maybe it is time to rethink your strategy…it’s up to you.

I have come across some of the activities above and I try to give people the benefit of doubt.  At some point, I must ask myself, “Do I really want to continue to engage with this person?  Do I want to be associated with a spammer?”  My answer is usually, “No.”

However, social media is different for each person.  Do you think those things make someone a spammer?  How do you spot a spammer?


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