Keep It Simple – the 5 W’s of Social Media

Every Friday, I write a Keep It Simple Post…today it is so simple that you learned it in Elementary School…the 5 Ws: Who, What. When, Where, Why?

As you think about participating in Social Media or as you continue to participate in Social Media.  You should be able to answer these 5 questions:

  • Who – Who are you trying to reach?
  • What – What is the purpose of your outreach?
  • When – When is the best time to reach them?
  • Where – Where are they?  On which platforms will you find them? Is it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…or somewhere else?
  • Why – Why are you trying to reach out to them?  To drive traffic to your site? To build your brand?  To increase sales?  To bring traffic to a location?

Answering these questions will add clarity to your planning process.  Each answer is a part of the story you are trying to tell.  Do what makes sense for you, don’t do it just because everyone else is.  I hope that you find these questions helpful.  Happy Friday.


About amberlcleveland

Entrepreneurial Marketing Professional who is passionate about Social Media and Social Good. My mantra is "endless possibilities."
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3 Responses to Keep It Simple – the 5 W’s of Social Media

  1. Amy Canada says:

    Sometimes when we’re going full steam, it’s good to step back to the basics and review what we’re doing and why. This is a good simple list to guide that. Also good for those just getting started.

    I especially like the advice, “Do what makes sense for you, don’t do it just because everyone else is.”

    Thanks, Amber. Best to ya. =)

  2. Good advice Amber! I’m sure I’ll come back to it time and again.

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