Keep It Simple Series – The 5 Simplest Twitter Tips

This is the Keep It Simple Series that I share on Fridays.  The 5 simplest twitter tips below are for beginners, but sometimes we all could use a reminder.

  1. Use a photo, logo, cartoon for your avatar.  Do not leave it as the generic egg- shape…it makes it look like you might be a spammer.
  2. Create a bio.  It doesn’t have to be perfect or include everything about you, but share something.  If there is nothing in the bio and someone is thinking about following you, they might decide to pass.
  3. Retweet/Reply to other people.  No one likes to be talked to with a megaphone, engage with other people.
  4. Look at the people you follow.  Are they sharing things that interest you?  Are they engaging with you and/or other followers?  If not, don’t follow them.
  5. Report spammers.  If someone sends you a tweet to check out a link, look at their tweet stream.  If every tweet looks the same as the one they sent you, they are a spammer…report them…please.

Hope these twitter tips are helpful.  Feel free to add any additional tips in the comments.


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Entrepreneurial Marketing Professional who is passionate about Social Media and Social Good. My mantra is "endless possibilities."
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3 Responses to Keep It Simple Series – The 5 Simplest Twitter Tips

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  2. Always nice to see content being put out there that help beginners get involved in Social Media using best-practices right from the start!

    This is a good, solid list of tips, Amber. Your point on tip #1 deserves reinforcement – If you don’t change your icon to something other than the ‘egg’, you’re going to be viewed less-than-favourably among the general Twitter population.

    If any beginners are looking for more material along this same line, I put together another list of tips that can help make the 190+ million-strong Twitter world seem a lot less intimidating:

    Top 5 Tips to Get in to the #Twitter Pool Without Drowning


  3. Amber,

    Thanks for sharing information that might seem simple and obvious, but truly is helpful for new tweeters. Best practices always start with a good foundation!


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