Between Dreams -2012 : My thoughts and why I would recommend it…

What happens when you define yourself by your career and that career unravels in a way that you never expected?  Especially when you have invested all of yourself in that career? 

That was the first thing that drew me into Between Dreams – 2012.  Ahman Mason was “successful.” She had built a strong company that really helped people…she focused so much on that aspect of her life, that maybe some other areas suffered.  Her marriage ended in divorce, her daughter…well, she had grown up.  Left with virtually nothing, Ahman found herself in an unusual position…”Between Dreams” as the author, Kay Whitaker, calls it. 

What do you do when you find yourself in that place?  Do you try to find your way back to the dream from which you came? Do you search for a new dream? Or maybe you just wait?  I can’t tell you what Ahman did because it would be terrible of me to ruin such a great book.  What I can tell you is that Kay Whitaker really captures the fabric of life in her first novel.  We are all connected.  I felt connection to and empathy for Kay’s characters.

In this novel, you will have characters that you love and very likely even one you despise.  I fell in love with the black lab named Saint from the beginning…what a great name for a dog.  Although, I don’t know if I will ever forgive Kay for what she wrote about him…but I digress and you will have to read that for yourself.

This novel has something for everyone…career, love, sex, murder and even the Mayan calendar.  I was worried when I started reading that the book would be over my head because I don’t know much about the Mayan calendar, but I found myself drawn into that mystery.  I was relieved to find, although the book included the Mayan calendar and 12/21/2012, it was not like the movie 2012 in the slightest.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that movie, but well that story has been told already.)

The other thing that is great about this book is the hero.  It isn’t some knight on a white horse, but rather a really special young man that most of us would overlook.  It is quite possible that we would dismiss him and the gift that he is to the world.  If Ahman had done that, there might not be much of a story to tell beyond 2012.

I really loved this book and have to say that it was so exciting to see the story play out.  I hope that you will take a look at the first chapter and that you will decide to buy it.  Let me know what you think…

Note: I am co-founder of Sterling Hope the ePublisher of this book.  However, I am not recommending this book because I’m the ePublisher, I am an ePublisher because of this book.


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