Because she deserves it…a post to my mom and what I know

My mom…she’s a mom…you know times you love them and times they drive you crazy 😉

My entrance into the world was less than ideal for my mom, she was only 16.  She found out she was expecting, she got married, left school and had me.  As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy for her.  As I think back about when I was 16, I can’t imagine living the life that she lived.  But not once -not one single time- has she ever said she regretted it.  And every day of my life I have always known that she loves me.

My mom always seemed happy to be a mom, which was good because my little brother arrived less than two years behind me.  With two little ones to care for, my mom worked her tail off to take care of us, to provide for us.  There were tough times of bologna sandwiches and spaghetti, but we always knew we were loved.  And to be honest I think it was those times that instilled the spirit of hard-work and ambition in my brother and I.

He and I both started working when we were 14-15 years old.  We graduated from high school, I went on to college and he went on to the Army.  You would think that finally, my mom could have a little time to herself…but the same year my brother graduated from high school, my grandfather passed away.  So my mom, dedicated herself to taking care of her mom.  She always puts other people first, I think she got that from my grandma.

After taking care of my grandma for nearly 7 years, my grandma passed away in my mom (and step-dad’s home) surrounded by her family.  Suddenly my mom had an empty nest and some time to take care of herself.

Almost 30 years after dropping out of school (to give birth to me) my mom got her GED.  She did it on her own terms and in her own time.  Watching the pride beaming out of her when she graduated was an incredible gift that I will never forget.  I learned a lot about her that day…including she never gives up and that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

My mom isn’t perfect, but she has ALWAYS made the best of every situation and she has always tried to do the right thing for my brother and I.  I appreciate her love and support more than I could ever say in a post…or several novels for that matter.  This post is for her.  I want the world to know how grateful I am that she is my mom and what a wonderful & courageous person she is.

Have you told your mom how much you appreciate her?  Why wait?

(Special Note for mom: Thanks mom, I love you…now don’t cry, that isn’t why I wrote this.)


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3 Responses to Because she deserves it…a post to my mom and what I know

  1. Mom says:

    I am so proud of you and all that you have done. I wish I could do all that you do but for taking care of the kids I have little time for me but that’s OK because it is what makes me Happy. I would like to tell you that I am very Proud to call you my daughter. I love you.

  2. Melissa says:

    My mom died when I was only 4. I met Amber when I was 8. From then on Mom Anita took me in as I was one of hers. My kids know her as Grandma. She has always included my family as part of hers. She will never know how truly thankful, grateful, and how much we really love her!!!!

  3. Des Walsh says:

    A lovely tribute. I read once where someone said the one thing mother’s enjoy most is to be told by their children that they’ve been a good mother, and they don’t always hear it. It’s pretty clear you get a “well done!” on that score.

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