SOBCon monthly chat Sept. 23 – takeaways from SOBCon Colorado

If you were able to attend SOBCon Colorado, you know it was a great space to learn, share and grow.  If you weren’t able to attend, the goal of today’s call is to share the takeaways from that conference with you.  Additionally, if you know @LizStrauss and Terry @Starbucker , then you know that they want to share the opportunity to learn from the conference with everyone.  So, this month the monthly #SOBCon chat co-moderated by @HeidiThorne and I will focus on the takeaways from the SOBCon Colorado conference last week in relation to the following questions. 

  1. Do you have the right model for your business? (Presented by Erika Napoletano and John Cushman)
  2. Does your model match your market? (Presented by Jonathan Fields)
  3. Is Your Model A Strategically Unique, Irresistible Experience That Makes The Competition Irrelevant? (Presented by Dave Taylor and Carol Roth)
  4. How Will Your Messaging Communicate That Unique Value — Execution, Engagement, Extraordinary Value — To The World? (Presented by Sonia Simone)
  5. What one tool might you use to spread your message? How will you measure your success? (Presented by Jyl Johnson Pattee and Shelly Kramer)

If you want to attend a live SOBCon conference (I recommend it), then you can register for the Chicago SOBCon Conference and if you do that before December 16th, you will save $200.  Want to know what an SOB is…it is likely not the first thing that comes to mind…see this post from Liz Strauss.  It has evolved from Blog to Business, 100% helpful and focused on you succeeding in your own way.

Bonus from @ShellyKramer – she created a list of attendees/presenters so if you want to follow this awesome group, here it is .


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