Don’t we all need an emergency slide and a couple of beers sometimes

Sometimes you get stressed and maybe you vent a little to your friends or you have a glass of wine after work.  Maybe you hit the gym or hit the road to relieve some of the stress, but what if you could just open an emergency exit, grab a couple of beers and slide away to somewhere better than where you are.  Hmmm…sounds nice in a way doesn’t it?

Get fed up, pull the chute, and you’re outta there. 

The thing is, doing that, doesn’t make “there” disappear.  It just shows up in another way.  The problems in the office, in the car…on a plane 😉 just show up somewhere else in some other way and there isn’t always an emergency chute.

So take a deep breath, even grab a couple of beers, and deal.  Remember, the other person (or the other people) that prompt you to go for the emergency exit – they’re only human, too.  So maybe they have had a bad day, maybe they are looking for the emergency chute, and maybe on another day you’d be the best of friends.  So give the benefit of the doubt, be gracious, and be the person you’re proudest to be on your best day.  If you make that effort, you can probably avoid the big s—storm that happens after you pull the emergency chute. 

If you absolutely must pull the chute, just do it in your head, you’re the only one that will know 😉  And maybe, I’ll have the beers at the bottom of the slide!  (I have a feeling I might have to read this frequently to remind myself)


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3 Responses to Don’t we all need an emergency slide and a couple of beers sometimes

  1. Shawn says:

    Hi Ms Amber,

    I can relate to your post. Dealing with stress plays a major part in any daunting task. It is normal to get overwhelmed. And as a result, we get “paralyzed”. Sometimes, taking a step back is the most productive move.

    For me, I like to map out the issues in my mind on paper.After which, I head to the nearest store and get myself a can of coke (I can’t drink for nuts). Somehow, pulling away for a brief period of time helps put things in a better perspective.

    While I gently chug the can of coke, my mind sorts out the tasks at hand; the must-do’s, the can-wait’s and the not-sure’s. When the final drop of the ice-cold, gassy, sugary beverage slide down my throat, I peep in the can to make sure I got my full $1.20’s worth. And then I head back to work with renewed vigor~

    It really helps me identify the battles to fight first and prevents my mind from overwhelming myself. Still, a good balance is the key. If you need to “pull the chute”, set a realistic time-limit for that mini-vacation. It is important that one never lose sight of his/her goal.

    Hope this helps~
    Shawn (@lovtoo)

  2. Isaac Duke says:

    Our pastor has always said: you can run from your problems, but you always take someone with you…
    He also said: you can go somewhere new, and people may not know you, but eventually they will…

    This is a GREAT post. It so against what is considered normal in our society – blame.

    Thank you!
    Isaac @isaacdduke

  3. Thanks so much Isaac : ) I am glad you enjoyed the post. We all have our moments…it’s what we chose to do with them that matters.

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